• The Fourth Annual Meeting of the Arab Internet Governance Forum (AIGF-IV) is planned to be hosted by Ogero Telecom and under the joint patronage of the Lebanese Ministry of Telecommunications, at the M�venpick Hotel in Beirut, during 17-18 December 2015.

  • Referring to the announcement issued by the Executive Bureau for Joint Coordination in 12/26/2013 about hosting the ArabIGF 2014 third, Umbrella organization is currently working on a study of the evaluate of all hosting requests, The ArabIGF Secretariat will announce the ArabIGF 2014 host name soon, once the evaluation procedures is finished .

  • Under the patronage of His Highness the Kuwait Crown Prince Sheikh Nawaf Al Ahmad Al Jaber Al Subah, the Kuwait Information Technology Society hosted the First Annual Meeting of the ArabIGF in the State of Kuwait in the period from 9 to 11 October 2012

  • Under the auspices of His Excellency Mr. Abdelaziz Bouteflika, President of the People's Democratic Republic of Algeria, the Second Annual Meeting of the ArabIGF was held under the overall theme: "Partners for Development" in the Nations Palace in the capital city of Algeria in the period from 1 to 3 October 2013

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About IGF
Following the model of Internet Governance Forum (IGF) established as per the resolution issued in the World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS) in Tunis in 2005, the Arab Internet Governance Forum (Arab IGF) was established in 2012. It is worth mentioning that IGF has been embracing multi-stakeholders as it encompasses all the main actors and players operating in the field of Internet policies (governments, private sector, civil society, technical communities and all other relevant parties). They all engage in an open dialogue on the issues of the international public policies related to the Internet. In fact, the IGF has been a model of unique success ever since its first meeting that had been held in Athens in 2006, as it has been representing a great opportunity for all the stakeholders to meet together and get within the framework that allows for the exposure to all the significant issues and discussion of their practical solutions. By virtue of this success, many regions took the initiative to create and establish regional forums, following the IGF model so that such regional forums would deal with the priorities of those regions, giving them special attention. Within the framework of the regional roadmap initiative for Internet governance in the Arab region, and pursuant to the resolutions of the Arab ICT Council of Ministers concerning the Initiative, the Consultation Constitutional Conference on the Arab IGF was held in Beirut during the period from 31 January to 1 February 2012, with the participation of all stakeholder groups from the Arab region. It was held at the invitation of the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia (UN-ESCWA), in collaboration with the League of Arab States (Umbrella Organizations). Based on the discussions held during the conference, the participants agreed to establish the Arab Internet Governance Forum (AIGF), provided that a multi-stakeholder Advisory Group (composed of all stakeholder groups) would undertake the organization thereof. The National Telecom Regulatory Authority (NTRA) in A.R.E. would host the Forum's Technical Secretariat and the Kuwait Information Technology Society would host the First Annual Meeting. The resolution of 31st meeting of the Executive Bureau of the Arab ICT Council of Ministers (Beirut, 2 February 2012) endorsed such outputs, hence AIGF became a unique forum in the Arab region, through which all stakeholders and concerned parties in the field of Internet would cooperate and work together to find effective solutions for the most important Internet issues in the region.

The Forum aims
  • Discuss all issues of public policies related to Internet governance, especially the issues raised in the "Internet Governance Forum" with the aim of achieving the international governance and management of the Internet and promoting the Internet access, security, stability and development.
  • Facilitate the exchange of information, best practices and extraction of all lessons and knowledge from all experts especially the political, technical and academic experts, consequently publish the discussions and all the agreed-upon recommendations and proposals.
  • Converge the viewpoints and stances to attain a unified Arab position on the priorities of Internet governance and response mechanisms to the special needs of Arab countries.
  • Discuss issues the emerging technologies issues other than the operational management operations of the Internet and the development of the related recommendations as needed.
  • Contribute to capacity building and development in the field of Internet governance in the Arab countries, and to promote the participation of all stakeholders in order to take full advantage of the available resources of knowledge and expertise.
  • - Develop and convey the Arab perspective and stance to the global arena level to support the Arab role in the drafting of public policies for the internet governance without assigning any supervisory functions to the forum or letting it replace any mechanisms, institutions or existing organizations.
  • Communicate with the regional and international forums of Internet governance in order to reach the international governance and management thereof and facilitate the exchange of expertise and transfer of knowledge.

The Nature and Mechanisms of Arab IGF
  • Inclusive of all stakeholders as defined in WSIS output;
  • A consultative forum, that publishes all the discussions and all the non-binding; proposals and recommendations that were issued;
  • Depends on the decentralized and flexible srtucturalization
  • Relies on multiple sources of funding.

The Two Umbrella Organizations
The Arab Internet Governance Forum (Arab IGF) was established under the joint umbrella of the League of Arab States (LAS), and ESCWA in the light of their roles in the roadmap initiative for Internet governance in the Arab region . Both Organizations play a direct and key role in the activities of the Arab Forum for Internet Governance as they take part in the organization of its preparatory and annual meetings in collaboration with the Technical Secretariat of the Forum and hosting entities. In addition, they would pay special attention to all the issues related to the formation of the Arab Multi-stakeholder Advisory Group (AMAG) in a way that guarantees the balance of the Group's formation as well as the selection of the hosting entities that would host the Forum's annual meetings. All this would be attained through open mechanisms and by completing coordination with the Technical Secretariat of the Forum through the Executive Bureau for Joint Coordination. The two organizations also undertake the coordination between the Forum's activities and the rest of activities of the two organizations in the light of their mandates concerning the follow-up and monitor of the implementation of the roadmap for Internet governance in the Arab region by the Arab ICT Council of Ministers, and the Ministerial Council of ESCWA, and the Executive Committee of ESCWA.

AMAG's Technical Secretariat
The Technical Secretariat of the Forum (mandated to NTRA, the Egyptian's regulatory authority) would undertake the essential coordination tasks with all the concerned parties, including the hosting entity, the two Umbrella Organizations and the Advisory Group with its task forces, sponsors, speakers, delegates and workshops organizers in order to guarantee that all the activities and proceedings of the forum would be carried out properly and to confirm the integration of all the efforts and responsibilities between the respective parties as relevant. Moreover, the Technical Secretariat would be in charge of the management and regular updating of the official website of the forum, as well as the creation and management of various mailing lists related to the activities and works of the Forum and the Arab Multi-stakeholder Advisory Group (AMAG). In addition the Secretariat would prepare and draft the meetings reports, and coordinate efforts with IGF Secretariat in all related matters.

Executive Bureau for Joint Coordination (EBJC)
In the light of the joint efforts exerted by key partners in the two LAS umbrella organizations, ESCWA and the Forum's Technical Secretariat represented by the NTRA of A.R.E. in addition to all the relevant mandates issued to each of them in the meetings of the Arab ICT Council of Ministers, and the Ministerial Council of ESCWA, each of the two umbrella organizations and the Forum's Secretariat formed a joint coordination mechanism, comprising representatives of each of the three entities. It would work on a permanent basis to ensure the effective and speedy communications and consultations between the three parties with regard to the Forum's activities. This mechanism will be called the "Executive Bureau for Joint Coordination" and the three entities intend, in the same context, to sign a MoU between them in order to frame and document these joint efforts and ensure the sustainability of the Forum's activities. وعلى ضوء مخرجات الاجتماع الرابع للجنة الاستشارية للمنتدى العربي لحوكمة الإنترنت بالدار البيضاء يونيو 2013، ومرئيات اللجنة بشأن استمرار وتوطيد اطار التعاون والعمل بين جامعة الدول العربية، والإسكوا، وأمانة المنتدى؛ In the light of the outputs of the fourth meeting of the Forum's AMAG that was held in Casablanca in June 2013, and its stances regarding the continuation and consolidation of the framework of cooperation and framework of the activities taking place between LAS, ESCWA, and the Secretariat.


Secretariat and Umbrella Organizations

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