• The Fourth Annual Meeting of the Arab Internet Governance Forum (AIGF-IV) is planned to be hosted by Ogero Telecom and under the joint patronage of the Lebanese Ministry of Telecommunications, at the M�venpick Hotel in Beirut, during 17-18 December 2015.

  • Referring to the announcement issued by the Executive Bureau for Joint Coordination in 12/26/2013 about hosting the ArabIGF 2014 third, Umbrella organization is currently working on a study of the evaluate of all hosting requests, The ArabIGF Secretariat will announce the ArabIGF 2014 host name soon, once the evaluation procedures is finished .

  • Under the patronage of His Highness the Kuwait Crown Prince Sheikh Nawaf Al Ahmad Al Jaber Al Subah, the Kuwait Information Technology Society hosted the First Annual Meeting of the ArabIGF in the State of Kuwait in the period from 9 to 11 October 2012

  • Under the auspices of His Excellency Mr. Abdelaziz Bouteflika, President of the People's Democratic Republic of Algeria, the Second Annual Meeting of the ArabIGF was held under the overall theme: "Partners for Development" in the Nations Palace in the capital city of Algeria in the period from 1 to 3 October 2013

Arab IGF Meetings

Kuwait 2012

Algeris 2013

Open Consultations and the Fifth Meeting of the Arab Multistakeholder Advisory Group (AMAG)

Fourth Meeting of the Arab Multistakeholder Advisory Group (AMAG)

First Meeting of the Arab Multistakeholder Advisory Group (AMAG)

The Sixth Meeting of the Arab Multistakeholder Advisory Group (AMAG-6)

The Seventh Meeting of the Arab Multistakeholder Advisory Group (AMAG-7)

Open Consultations and the Eighth Meeting of the Arab Multistakeholder Advisory Group (AMAG)

The Ninth Meeting of the Arab Multistakeholder Advisory Group (AMAG)

Open Consultations and the Third Meeting of the Arab Multistakeholder Advisory Group (AMAG)

The Twelfth meeting of the Arab Multistakeholder Program Advisory Committee (AMPAC) 19-20 March 2019

Open Consultations and the Second Meeting of the Arab stakeholder Advisory Group (AMAG)


What are the topics does the Arab IGF tackle?
Arab IGF tackles a wide spectrum of issues of regulatory and policy nature within the sphere of Internet industry and Internet use. For instance, these topics include accelerating broadband penetration, development of its applications, promoting local content, user rights, policies for critical Internet resources, cybersecurity, protecting privacy, youth and the Internet, and innovation enabling Internet policies.

Who could participate?
Participation in Arab IGF annual meetings and consultation meetings is open, and free of charge. Interested individuals are only requested to pre-register online (when registration is announced open) through our website: www.igfarab.org

How are themes/topics of the annual meetings selected? How proposals could be made?
Agenda development for Arab IGF annual meetings follows an inclusive bottom-up approach manner in a manner that allows the proper representation and participation of the Arab Internet community in putting matters forward. During the preparatory phase, Open Consultation meetings are announced, inviting all AMAG members (the multistakeholder committee responsible for setting the agenda) in addition to all interested individuals. Open Consultation meetings discuss proposals (whether made during discussion or through written submissions) on topics of priority to the region to be included on the annual meeting agenda, as well as on other related issues of organizational preparations. Proposals are discussed and taken into account through the preparatory steps by all parties, whether AMAG, the host of the annual meeting, Umbrella Organizations, or the Arab IGF Secretariat
What is the Arab Multistakeholder Advisory Group (AMAG) and how it is formed?
AMAG is a committee that comprises experts from all stakeholder groups in the Arab region (governments - the private sector - civil society - academia and technicians - international organizations). It mainly aims to set the main topics that annual meetings discussions pivot on. In addition, it organizes meetings, and workshops. AMAG is formed through an open process as any individual can apply for membership through an announcement published on the AMAG Secretariat's website and its mailing lists. The Umbrella Organization, in coordination with the Secretariat, selects the members as per the announced criteria.

What is the difference between the main sessions and workshops?
In fact, workshops are an integral part of the annual meeting proceedings, but they are organized as per a decentralized mechanism. AMAG, during the preparatory process, sets the main pivots and topics to be discussed during the forum. While AMAG undertakes the arrangements and preparations for the main sessions in terms of the selection of keynote speakers and determination of sub-themes that they will be required to comment on. On the other hand, the workshops organizers may choose sub-themes, the speakers and the topics to be discussed provided that they are closely related to Internet governance in general, and the annual meeting's theme and agenda in particular.

I want to organize a workshop. How can I manage to do that?
After AMAG's adoption and approval of the broad topics to be discussed, an announcement of opening doors for the submittal of proposals from all stakeholders interested in organizing workshops within the framework of those topics. The announcement then details the general criteria that must be considered in the proposals. Just after the submittal deadline AMAG evaluates the various proposals and chooses the best thereof as per the announced criteria, and the number of scheduled workshops. Some bidders who have submitted similar bids will be asked to work together to organize joint workshops in order to optimize the attained benefits and to avoid redundancy. In general, the bidders must provide a full description of the workshop theme, and agenda in addition to the issues to be discussed, a list of keynote speakers, their titles, and the entities they are representing. The speakers list must include representatives from at least two of the main stakeholders categories (governments - the private sector - civil society - academia and technicians - international organizations). It is worth mentioning that geographical diversity should be taken into consideration and that women and youth participation as speakers should be endorsed.

What are the benefits gained from participation in the Forum's annual meeting?
The Forum is considered a unique opportunity for all stakeholders as it is the only Arab forum, which brings together all the players in the Internet world (governments, private sector, technical experts, civil society and international organizations, and users). All of them come along, side by side, within a transparent path and discussions that are frank and open to ensure the establishment of an environment where all actors are cooperating and coordinating efforts together in order to achieve a better understanding of the challenges and formulate effective process to seize opportunities and achieve goals. Participation in the forum's meetings is considered a great opportunity for constructive interaction and building partnerships with leading policy makers, industry leaders, users and the remaining actors in the Arab region. In fact, it is a real opportunity for the participants to raise relevant issues in an open environment, and for the experts to review the most current issues on the Arab and international arenas.

Is there any funds provided for the participation in the Forum meetings or organization of workshops?
Participation in the annual meetings is open without any financial compensation or rewards. In general, participants should bear all the indirect expenses associated with their participation (such as all travel, and accommodation costs). There are very limited chances for the provision of funds for some experts as they will inevitably enrich discussions or raise awareness of Internet governance issues, hence implement all recommendations and outcomes in their respective countries, according to the available resources. In the preparatory phase, the secretariat announces participants' scholarship programs in order to support experts. The interested stakeholders are invited and requested to apply as per the announced terms and conditions. The best applications and requests are selected according to AMAG mechanisms. As for workshops, the applying parties that intend to organize a workshop must bear the expenses of the speakers participation. There might be partial funding provided in order to facilitate the participation of some of the keynote speakers as per a maximum limit to be announced then.

How can the official sponsors participate?
Interested parties supporting the forum's activities and participating as one of the official sponsors of the Forum's meetings (whether annual or preparatory) may take advantage of scalable packages that include some privileges as (the presentation of the sponsoring entity's logo on the Forum's website and on the meeting's publications as well as the participation in the exhibition at the annual meeting's venue. If you are interested, kindly address the forum's secretariat for more information via e-mail (secretariat@igfarab.org ).

How can we follow the Forum's news and activities?
All news and developments are periodically published on the Secretariat's website (www.igfarab.org ) and through forum's mailing list.


Secretariat and Umbrella Organizations

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